Kate’s Story: Her Life With Type 2 Diabetes Is Getting Better #T2D

Kate CornellOur post today is reprinted with permission from the author, Kate Cornell who blogs about life with type 2 diabetes at http://kates-sweet-success.blogspot.com/.

My Life with Type 2 Diabetes: It’s getting better

I haven’t felt compelled to write much lately. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve said it all, numerous times. Other times I feel as if I don’t have anything of value to say. Sometimes I’m just tired, you know? Another reason that I haven’t written too much lately is that there doesn’t seem to be anything new to add. My life with diabetes isn’t dramatic these days or noteworthy at all. I could tell you about what I ate for lunch or I could talk about how I feel about my latest A1c or fasting blood sugars but… meh. It occurred to me recently that my life with type 2 diabetes is pretty boring lately and then I realized that that in itself is newsworthy! (And two consecutive “thats” in a sentence is weird.)

It’s getting better.

I remember back when I was first diagnosed and how freaked out I was every time my blood sugar was “out of range”. I recall when I realized that potatoes and my blood sugar could no longer be roommates, or even friends and how that reality was devastating to me. I remember all the holidays when all I wanted to do was sit down and eat like everyone else instead of using a smaller plate and only having a bite of the foods I adored. Those things rarely happen these days. How strange is that?

I decided that someone out there might benefit from hearing that eventually it gets better. Eventually you can live your life with finger sticks, medications and carb awareness and not even bat an eye. Do you know that I had a fasting reading of 160 this morning and all I thought was “Huh. Well that’s dumb.” Early in my diagnosis I would have been in tears wondering what I did wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong, my body doesn’t always work correctly. That’s all. I was just living my life and watching my blood glucose so I could make adjustments and move on.

I’m extremely proud of the lifestyle changes that I’ve made over the 11+ years I’ve been at this circus. It’s been a lot of hard work with a lot of research, experimentation, tears and soul searching. Decisions are constantly made about what is most important to me: mashed potatoes or better health? Lounging in the recliner with a book or going for a walk? Guess what? Sometimes it’s mashed potatoes while reading a book in the recliner, but that’s extremely rare. Most times it’s real food that I know is better for my blood sugar and a walk.

To read the rest of Kate’s story, visit the original post at: http://kates-sweet-success.blogspot.com/2016/11/my-life-with-type-2-diabetes-its.html

Thank you Kate for sharing your inspiring story!

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