Celebrating #CTAW2016 – Clinical Trials Awareness Week Roundup

May 2-9, 2016 is Clinical Trials Awareness Week and we’ve curated some resources from the internet to help you learn and spread the message.

PhRMA Hosting Tweet Chat On Clinical Trials

The event will take place tomorrow, May 5, at noon EDT.  Be sure to follow @PhRMA on Twitter and use the hashtag #CTAW2016. 


Latest Tweets About Clinical Trials Awareness Week

CTAW 2015 Google Hangout

Last year HealthiVibe hosted a Google Hangout to raise awareness about clinical trials, we spoke with researchers and participants. If you didn’t catch it then, here it is again:

Resources To Learn About Clinical Trials

Amazing and Unusual Research Happening Now

A Biotech Company Trying to Wake the Dead

Philadelphia-based Bioquark, Inc. has been granted ethical approval from an Institutional Review Board in the United States and India for a clinical trial at Anupam Hospital in India. Over six weeks, people on life support after traumatic brain injuries will receive stem cells, nerve stimulation and other treatments.

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Breast Cancer Treatment Breakthrough After ‘Milestone’ Gene Discovery

A study involving people from around the world has been hailed as giving a more complete picture of the changes in DNA in breast cancer, providing potential opportunities for new treatments.

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Student Develops Cream To Remove Regrettable Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is not a decision to rush into without thinking things through. After all, it’s no walk in the park to get ink out of your skin after you’ve had it injected by way of thousands upon thousands of needle punctures. At least it isn’t easy right now. PhD student Alec Falkenham at Dalhousie University is working on a cream that he thinks will be able to remove an ill conceived tattoo without further abusing your skin.
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