Living the Chronic Life: Bloggers sharing stories of #chronicillness #COPD #lungcancer #heartdisease #obesity

Living the Chronic Life: A Web Compilation

Every day people are living  their own version of a “day in the life”, coping with whatever chronic illness or condition they are facing. Some of these people chronicle their stories hoping to connect with others and share. Some to commiserate, some hoping to enlighten, and then there are those who seek to inspire. Whatever their goal, they have opened a window onto their lives allowing us to see what life with a chronic condition can be like. Here are some of their stories…

Non-Inspirational Advice for Heart Patients

“As social scientists often point out, “inspirational” messages are simply about the intention to inspire, while truly “inspiring” messages show the effect of becoming inspired based on a person’s internal reactions. Thus, inspirational happens to you, while inspiring happens within you.” –Carolyn Thomas

COPD Athelete: Learning how to live with COPD and asthma

“Whether you have asthma or COPD managing your condition can be difficult but it can be done. Take your medications and exercise as much as you can, eat a healthy diet and keep the weight down. Set yourself a goal to help keep you on track and always remember no matter how tough it gets there’s always someone doing it tougher than you. Put simply, the body will do what the mind tells it to!!” –Russell Winwood

A Lil’ Lytnin Strikes Lung Cancer

In her 100th post Tori Tomalia shares why she started her blog about lung cancer which has received several awards.  The first few cancer posts were a way to let friends and family know what was going on, and to avoid having to explain details over and over. While this remains a major focus, I now find more reasons to write. For me, reading blogs by people going down this strange path has been vitally important; I hope that I might provide that comfort for others.”–Tori Tomalia

300 Pounds Down

The story of a 417lb woman who is losing it…the weight that is! In this post Holly writes about resisting National Doughnut Day.

It won’t be easy.  Not when all around you people are claiming that happiness flows from sugar.  But trust me!  That is only where the lie begins.  My mother used to say to me , “Holly…nothing in life is ever really free!” and I have to say on this count I believe her.  That free doughnut for me will come at a price.  The price of my freedom from food addiction.  The price of my sanity.  And the regain that will follow.” — Holly

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