Sarah’s Stanford MedX Ignite! Talk On Acknowledging Needs Of Your Caregiver

Sarah KucharskiStanford is home to Medicine X (MedX), where the philosophy is that everyone–including patients, caregivers and family members–are equal stakeholders in medicine with their own expertise and valuable stories to share. By creating a culture in which everyone’s voice is trusted and respected, real change can take place in healthcare and medicine.

MedX ePatient Ignite! talks share a glimpse into the lives of others and the healthcare struggles they face. We will be sharing some of these inspiring stories here on the Patient Lens.

Our first story is from Sarah Kucharski who blogs at  Sarah is a consultant, public speaker and advocate fostering the patient voice in medicine through storytelling, social media and design thinking for innovation. Her special interests include narrative medicine, patient engagement, the patient experience, the doctor-patient relationship, the patient-caregiver relationship, chronic illness, clinical trials, health literacy, and social media’s ability to connect for peer-to-peer support and medical education.

You can also find her on LinkedIn, Twitter at @afternoonnapper, and Facebook.

Thank you, Sarah, for allowing us to share your inspiring story!

If you have a story to share with our readers about participating in a clinical trial, overcoming adversity, or living with a chronic condition, please let us know. We’d love to have you guest blog for us. Guest blogging helps others outside of your disease area learn about your struggles and discover your passions. We will help promote your website and social media accounts, as well as your favorite advocacy group. Contact us to get started sharing your story now!

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